YOU-ONE Fastening Systems has been

Established as Korean manufacturer & exporter of various collated fasteners and fastening tools since year of 2008.

YOU-ONE is organized with top-class sales-engineers with over 15 ~ 20 years-experiences accumulated in the fastener-industry and specialized in producing/supplying quality hand & pneumatic tools as well as various kinds of collated pins, nails & staples.

We assure you that you can be served of tools and fasteners with top-quality and competitive price level from YOU-ONE and these our products will lead to further success.

Our strong items

Among our full product range are as below;

* 11 Gauge Gabion Box Fixing C-Rings, Clips,Hog Rings to fit Spenax SC50, EDMA Turbo 50.

* Various Collated Hog-Ring (C-Rings) 15, 16 Gauge to fit Bostitch SC7, SC7E, SC760, SC761, SC742 & SC743.

* Paper Collated Strip Nails (34 Degree) to fit Senco & Paslode Nailers.

* Concrete Pins used by Gas-Powered Nailers.

* Max Type High Pressure Concrete Pins & Nails to fit MAX HN25C & HN120 nailers.

* Max FAP, CP, CCP type's plastic sheet coil nails to fasten to steel / concrete and Duofast type's sheet coil nails & RHS Nails.

* 15GA Senco DA type, Angle Finish Nails (Brads).

* Paslode & Hitachi type's Joist Hanger Nails (Tempered Hardened Steel)/Strap-Tite nails with paper collation.

* Various kinds of stainless steel (304 & 316 Grade) staples, brads, collated nails.

* 23 Gauge, Headless Pins.

* Collated Coil Screws equivalent to Holzher Type Coil Screws.

* Collated Strip Screws equivalent to SENCO DuraSpin, Tyrex Auto-Feed & Hitachi SuperDrive Collated Screw Systems.

With Innovate Expertise and Experience in this Fastening Industry,

We support precise, efficient manufacturing equipment, well trained employees, stringent quality control.

With the innovative spirit, we develop the production line and make the collated(plastic sheet coil, Gas Powered Pins) nails machine, collated screws machine & staple machines by ourselves. our top quality product and excellent service with one-stop-shopping and competitive prices make us the perfect solution to your nails & staples business needs.

Any inquiry or need further information, please feel free contact us.